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Accommodation Rules

  • Strictly prohibited activities are under penalty of € 500.
  • 7Lizards Apartments - Ocean View Resort staff is entitled to accommodate only those guests who are properly registered. Guests are required to show a valid identity card after arrival, fill in and sign the Handover document, and provide the appropriate guaranty by cash payment. They will receive keys/chip card to their room and a gate.
  • In exceptional circumstances the 7Lizards Apartments - Ocean View Resort staff may offer to guests a different accommodation from the one that has been reserved. However, this accommodation may not differ substantially from the accommodation originally confirmed.
  • People accommodated in the complex are asked to keep out from areas marked as PRIVATE. They are not permitted there without prior permission.
  • Visitors are to be received in the hotel’s common areas. Visitors may only enter apartments from 8 AM until 10 PM with a prior approval of a 7Lizards Apartments - Ocean View Resort staff. Outside these hours only guests staying in the hotel may enter the accommodation
    area of the hotel. A visitor remaining in the hotel room after 10 PM will be charged for the price of a stay per one night.
  • A guest, who checks-in before 6 AM, shall pay the rate for entire previous night.
  • Guests are not allowed to move the furniture in their rooms or in the hotel’s common areas without permission from the 7Lizards Apartments - Ocean View Resort management.
  • Guests’ own electrical appliances shall not be used in 7Lizards Apartments - Ocean View Resort. However, this does not apply to personal hygiene appliances (such as hairdryers, electric razors, etc.) or to computer equipment (i.e. notebooks, tablets and mobile phones).
  • When leaving the apartment, the guest is obliged to close the water taps in the room, turn off the lights in the apartment and its accessories, and close the doors and windows. Before leaving the apartment, the guest is obliged to close the awnings, pull the umbrellas and secure things from the terrace in case of windy weather. Guests are responsible for damage to property. The guest pays for the damage caused by him, unless he proves that he was not at fault. This claim also applies to damage that is not discovered until after the guest has left.
  • For safety reasons children under the age of ten may not stay in the room or common areas without supervision of an adult. The adult shall bear full responsibility for any damage caused by children.
  • Guests are asked not to store sports equipment and large objects in their rooms. There is a special storage space in 7Lizards Apartments - Ocean View Resort for this reason. We kindly ask you to inform us in advance if you need to use the storage space. We are not liable for any damages, thank you for your understanding.
  • Dogs and other domestic animals may stay in the room provided if their owner submits the animal’s health certificate. The fee for a pet is 20 EUR per pet and stay, it will be deducted from the refundable deposit.
  • You can not have animals or play with them in the communal areas. If you have pets, do not let them to disturb your neighbours.
  • Quiet Hours Policy: This policy prohibits unnecessary or excessive noise. Guests are required to be particularly respectful and quiet during the night hours from 10 PM to 10 AM.
  • Guests shall be liable for any damage caused to 7Lizards Apartments - Ocean View Resort property and are obliged to pay the damage at the check out.
  • Check out time is 11 AM unless it is arranged otherwise. If guests are not checked out by 11 AM of the last day of their stay, they shall be charged a special fee: ‘daytime use of the room’ equal to 50% of the valid season price or a full further day’s stay.
  • In the case of late departure and your interest, we are prepared to store your personal belongings for temporary period of time in our luggage store, with no liability for any loss of your valuables. The service is free of charge. This service must be arranged in advance.
  • It is not allowed to do barbecues in communal areas. You can barbecue on balcony.However, be mindful to your neighbours.
  • You are not allowed to leave bikes, pushchairs etc in communal areas.
  • The clotheslines can be in the communal areas only from 9PM to 9AM.
  • It is absolutely prohibited to leave rubbish in the public areas.
  • When leaving, guests must turn off taps and lights and shut the door of their room. When checking out of 7Lizards Apartments - Ocean View Resort they must hand in the key/chip card from their room to an 7Lizards Apartments - Ocean View Resort staff.
  • Guests pay for their accommodation and the services provided at the beginning of their stay according to the confirmation of their reservation and to the valid price list for the additional services.
  • Information about the rates of the 7Lizards Apartments’ services is available on our website
  • The 7Lizards Apartments - Ocean View Resort management shall welcome any suggestions for improvements and shall be also grateful for any criticisms you may have.
  • Guests must familiarize themselves with the accommodation rules. If the accommodation rules are not followed, the 7Lizards Apartments - Ocean View
  • Resort management has the right to end the guest’s stay before the originally agreed departure date and to charge that guest a fee in the amount of lost profits up to 100%.
  • Term of use the pool: Before entering the pool, you should use the showers. Children under 14 years are not allowed to swim in the pool without adult supervision. Please respect the opening times of the swimming pool, from 10:00 a.m. till 8:30 p.m.
  • Wi-Fi Internet access password is written directly on the Wi-Fi router in each apartment. High speed internet is available in all 7Lizards Apartments - Ocean View Resort for free.
  • All rooms and common areas in the apartments complex are strictly non-smoking. Guest are allowed to smoke on balconies only.

We wish you a pleasant stay in 7Lizards Apartments - Ocean
View Resort and amazing moments at Tenerife.
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